From trend to real estate spend: the HGTV effect

Real Estate

Now a new report by Zillow outlines which features buyers will actually pay a premium price for.  Looking at more than 170 features or design elements that were mentioned in the listing descriptions of homes sold in 2018 and 2019, the analysis identified the top 10 features that contributed to homes selling for more than expected.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the time period studied, modern farmhouse style was associated with a 10.3% sale premium when mentioned in a for-sale listing. For the typical American home, that adds up to a whopping $25,000, the largest price premium of any home feature or style Zillow examined.

A number of high-end custom features earned sellers top dollar as well, including waterfall countertops (9.4% premium), Moroccan tile (7.3% premium), Craftsman-style features (6% premium), exposed brick (6% premium), freestanding bathtubs (5.5% premium), quartz countertops (5.5 % premium), dual range cooktops (5.3% premium), metal roofs (5.1% premium) and pet showers (5.1% premium).

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