Home Inventory

Real Estate

Protecting your home with a sound homeowners’ insurance policy is a great way to not only protect your house but also all of your possessions.  The insurance companies usually ask that you itemize certain large dollar items such as engagement rings.  The itemized items are easy to keep track of.  But how about all of your other possessions?  Do you really know everything of value in your home?
I recommend using a great free tool called “What You Own – Home Inventory”.  It is free software that assists you in taking inventory of your possessions.  It lets you organize your inventory by room and category, while adding pictures of your items and rooms.
When you’re done you can print the report, email it to yourself or save it to the cloud (just in case of fire).
Here’s the link for the free download: www.whatyouown.org
Let me know what you guys use to track all of your stuff?